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Plaza Diamond Jewellery


Pendand Phoenix With Blue Stones

$0 - 5000


Mythical symbolism: large pendant in a phoenix design

Artistically designed pendant in the form of the mythical bird, the phoenix, taking flight and symbolising new beginnings
Elaborate, three-dimensional design made of blackened 925 Sterling silver with detailed wings, body and tail feathers crafted by hand in over 6 hours and embellished with 132 zirconia and stones in varying blue tones
The large, aquamarine blue stones are facet-cut in an elegant, teardrop-shaped diamond cut
The eyes of the phoenix are set with black zirconia, framed by eyebrows made of Sterling silver
The wing feathers are designed on two planes
Highlight: in its finely engraved claws, the phoenix is carrying a small cultured freshwater pearl
Three dangling zirconia stones embellish the long, curved tail feathers
Pendant eyelet on the back with THOMAS SABO engraving
Impressive pendant with a size of over 7 cm

Clasp: eyelet
Height: 78 mm
Materials: 925 Sterling silver
Stones: freshwater pearl
Width: 45 mm